15 May 2018
244 km
Giro d'Italia 2018

Stage 10

This is the longest stage of the Giro. It crosses the Apennines from the south to the north, following a tortuous route dotted with short uncomplicated ascents, including three categorised climbs. The first one (almost 20 km long) takes a first-ever pass over one of the sides of the Gran Sasso. In the first sector, the roads are narrow and worn out at points, whereas in the second part the roads are wider and better surfaced. The route eventually levels out in the final part. Final kilometres: the final kilometres are essentially straight, on a wide road, up to the 1,500 m mark. Here, the route takes some 90-degree turns that lead into the home straight, 750 m before the finish (just bending slightly until the 500 m mark). The finish line sits on a 7.5-m wide asphalt road. Download here the Giro 101 Safety and Security Plan.

stage preview