10 May 2018
169 km
Giro d'Italia 2018

Stage 6

This will be the first summit finish. Like the previous two, the stage has a very wavy profile, and features an endless series of bends over the first 120 km. Past Paternò, the route takes a first-ever pass up the long closing climb that leads all the way to the Etna Astrophysical Observatory. Final kilometres: the final climb (15 km) begins in Ragalna. Over the first 10 km, the road is relatively wide, yet steep at points (max. gradient: 16%). The roadway narrows 5.5 km before the finish, as the route travels short lengths in the woods and on lava fields. Red flag: the route climbs and bends slightly until the final 150 m, where the road stretches out, with gradients around 6% (the finish line sits on a 6-m wide asphalt road). Download here the Giro 101 Safety and Security Plan.

stage preview