17 May 2018
214 km
Giro d'Italia 2018

Stage 12

The stage course is perfectly flat and runs almost entirely along the ss. 16 Adriatica, on wide and straight roads, for 130 km. The route then runs almost straight along the ss. 9 Via Emilia for a further 60 km, leading through Santarcangelo di Romagna, Cesena and Forlì, into the Imola Racetrack and into the final “Tre Monti” circuit. Final kilometres: the final circuit (15.3 km) is raced partly within the Imola Racetrack, and partly outside it. From the finish line (on the pit straight), the route covers around 3.5 km of the track, up to the Variante Alta. Here, the stage course leaves the racetrack (bottleneck), takes the climb leading to Tre Monti (awarding KOM points) and then descends onto quite wide and well-paved roads up to the red flag, which leads to the entry point of the Rivazza corner, approx. 850 m before the finish. The last bend is 650 m from the finish line, followed by a long home straight, just bending slightly, on 8-m wide and perfectly level asphalt road. Download here the Giro 101 Safety and Security Plan.

stage preview