22 May 2018
34,2 km
Giro d'Italia 2018

Stage 16

The ITT starts and finishes within urban areas. The route is quite bumpy and elaborate, and the central part along the Adige river is mainly straight. Starting in Trento (Piazza del Duomo), the route encounters stretches of stone pavers, followed by roundabouts and traffic islands. The stage travels on wide, well paved and mostly straight streets (with just a few bends); the roadway only narrows at points while crossing urban areas. Before the second time keeping point, there is a short climb followed by a short descent and a technical bend, leading back onto straight roads all the way to the finish. Final kilometres: the route rolls past the Adige river and reaches Rovereto. The roads are narrower here, and a number of 90-degree bends lead into wider avenues, heading for the finish. The home straight (570 m) is on 6.5-m wide asphalt road. Download here the Giro 101 Safety and Security Plan.

stage preview