6 May 2018
229 km
Giro d'Italia 2018

Stage 3

The route follows the mild undulations of the Negev desert. The roads are always wide and well paved. The route takes a long run across a rocky landscape, and becomes rougher especially when emerging from the Ramon Crater, with a categorised climb set in Faran River. The final part of the route descends slightly towards the Red Sea, and enters the city before hitting the finish line. Final kilometres: over the last 6 km, the road narrows while passing through a checkpoint. After taking in a series of roundabouts, the route eventually takes a U-turn 1.6 km before the finish, at another roundabout, leading into the final kilometre. The last bend is 350 m from the finish line (on 7.5-m wide asphalt road). Download here the Giro 101 Safety and Security Plan.

stage preview