Modena Asolo

18 May 2016
227 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 11

The stage is clearly divided into two parts: the first one runs flat from Modena to just before Asolo (approx. 200 km), while the second one is wavier and more challenging, leading into the finish. The route runs across the entire Po Plain, partly on narrow roads, and partly on wide and mainly straight roads. Beware of roundabouts, kerbs, speed bumps and traffic dividers while crossing urban areas. Just past Maser, the road tackles a short yet very harsh climb up Forcella Mostaccin (with gradients topping out at 16%), followed by a technical descent (narrowed at points) leading to the Monfumo hills and to Castelcucco. Here, a series of undulations will lead to the final Asolo climb. Five kilometres before the finish, the road climbs up towards Asolo along a 1-km ramp with gradients of approx. 7% that leads into the old town centre through a mediaeval gateway and on a setts-paved stretch. A quick descent on wide roads follows, up to the final km. The last bend is 900 m from the finish line, followed by a long home straight, just bending slightly, on 7.5-m wide and perfectly level asphalt road. Asolo has been stage finish in 2010, Vincenzo Nibali won that time.  

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