Bressanone/Brixen Andalo

24 May 2016
132 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 16

The stage is short, yet it features long climbs and descents. Over the first 40 km, the route runs initially downhill (although the road is deceptively flat) until past Bolzano (intermediate sprint). Here, after clearing the Mendel Pass climb, the road takes a long, undulating descent leading to the foot of the final ascent. The climb is divided in two parts, the first one leading to Fai della Paganella (categorised climb), and the second one running all the way up to the finish. 200 metres before the summit, in the urban area of Fai della Paganella, the climb gradient peaks as high as 15%. The final 10 km are clearly divided into two halves: first a fast-running descent (4 km) on wide roads with sharp downhill gradients, then a mild climb (6 km), growing steeper, up to 2 km from the finish. Next comes a false-flat uphill drag. The finish line lies on an 80-m long and 7.0-m wide asphalt home stretch, running gently uphill. Andalo was stage finish also in 1973, with the triumph of Eddy Merckx.  

stage preview