Cuneo Torino

29 May 2016
163 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 21

The route starts in Cuneo, runs through Borgo San Dalmazzo and then heads towards Torino, leaving Cuneo to the south-east. The stage course runs along wide and straight trunk roads across the plain, all the way up to Torino, where a final circuit shall be covered 8 times. The final 7.5-km circuit runs almost entirely along the right bank of the Po River. After passing over the finish line, the route runs around the Chiesa della Gran Madre and then tackles the only short climb of the stage, leading to Villa della Regina . Next, a fast-running descent leads into Corso Moncalieri, and then to the other bank of River Po. Here, the route passes under Ponte Balbis, enters Parco del Valentino and runs across the park up to the red flag. In the last 1,000 m, two bends before and after Ponte Umberto I lead into the 600-m long home stretch, on 8-m wide asphalt road. For the 41st time in the Giro d'Italia history, Torino will be stage finish of the Corsa Rosa.

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