Catanzaro Praia a Mare

10 May 2016
200 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 4

The stage is wavy, but the first 120 km are virtually uncomplicated. The route winds its way along wide fast-flow roads, with a few tunnels in between. Past Cetraro Marina, the route takes in the Bonifati climb and dives into the ss. 18, then it leaves the trunk road to tackle the second categorised climb of the day in San Pietro. The route grows harder after the intermediate sprint in Scalea, with many climbs and descents, and twists and turns that lead into the final 10 kilometres.The final kilometres are rather bumpy. With 10 km remaining to the finish, the route takes in the very steep Via del Fortino climb (with ramps topping out at 18%), and then drops into Praia on wide and curving roads that pose no real challenge. Beware of two tunnels in the first part of the descent (the least steep). The home straight is 2,500 m long, on 7.5-m wide asphalt road, just curving slightly 400 m before the finish. Praia a Mare will be for the first time a Giro d'Italia finish.

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