Nijmegen Arnhem

8 May 2016
190 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 3

The route runs flat along the plains surrounding the start and finish cities, coming across minor climbs and mild descents, villages, roundabouts and speed bumps. Over the first 25 km, the route winds its way on narrow roads twisting and turning along the banks of River Rhine. The route tackles the Posbank categorised climb, then a short and technical descent along the roads of the Hoge Weluve National Park leads into the final Arnhem circuit (14.0 km), to be covered twice. In this stage as well, wind will be the major challenge along the route. The final 14.0-km circuit, to be covered twice, runs along wide, straight urban avenues, dotted with roundabouts. The route passes over the Nederrijn River twice, and then takes a short tunnel with approx. 6 km remaining to the finish. The home straight is 500 m long, on 7.5-m wide asphalt road. The final kilometres are slightly curved, but with no real bends.

stage preview