Praia a Mare Benevento

11 May 2016
233 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 5

This very long stage winds its way mostly on fast-flow roads. The first part runs entirely uphill (with milder or harsher gradients), with constant undulations further on, up to 30 km remaining to the finish. The final part leading into Benevento runs slightly downhill, until it reaches the city for the final kilometres  entirely within the city. The first part rolls on wide and straight avenues, climbing at first, and then descending. The second part runs on narrower and curvier inner streets, with a sharp turn 1,200 m before the finish. The home stretch is 200 m long and slightly uphill, on 7-m wide porphyry-paved road.Benevento is arrival for the 7th time, the first was in 1929 with a triumph of Girardengo, the last in 2009. In this occasion Michele Scarponi got the victory.    

stage preview