Guillestre Sant’Anna di Vinadio

28 May 2016
134 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 20

This short queen stage across the Alps features a remarkable 4,100 m rise and drop in as little as 134 km, with a sequence of 4 climbs and 3 descents and not even a single flat stretch in between. The route climbs up Col de Vars (19 km), Col de la Bonette (22 km), Col de la Lombarde (20 km) and the final 2.3 km leading to the Sant’Anna Sanctuary. The road is wide and well-surfaced along all of the climbs (mostly above 2,000 m), with many hairpins. The roadway only narrows along the technical descent from Col de la Lombarde, all the way up to the last 2.3 km. The route climbs steadily over the last 2,300 m, with gradients ranging from 9% to 11%. The road is quite narrow, with a few hairpins. The last few hundred metres of the route run among the Sanctuary’s buildings, with short uphill stretches and tight bends. T

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