Foligno Arezzo

14 May 2016
186 km
Giro d'Italia 2016

Stage 8

This stage combines flat and mountain roads. The route runs up the Tiber River valley, after rolling past Assisi and Perugia, all the way up to Città di Castello. Roads are quite wide, but the surface is worn out at points; the roadway narrows when cutting through urban areas. Just past Città di Castello, the route leaves the Tiber River valley to tackle the steep Anghiari ascent first, followed by the Scheggia categorised climb. The stage course rolls along wavy roads, with a few narrower sectors while crossing urban areas, all the way up to Indicatore (intermediate sprint) and Arezzo. Next on the route, after a first pass over the finish line, is the Alpe di Poti climb, featuring 6.4 km on dirt roads, and double-digit gradients. After clearing the KOM summit, the road drops quickly into Foce dello Scopetone and straight into the finish, with wide bends, leads to the stadium. The route then cuts across the city centre, where traffic dividers and roundabouts will be the main obstacles. After the “flamme rouge”, the route takes two right-hand bends on wide roundabouts. A short and steep climb leads to the home straight (200 m), still slightly uphill (approx. 5%). Arezzo, for the 12th time arrival of a stage. In 2003 was Mario Cipollini the leader of a great sprint.

stage preview