16 May 2017
39,8 km
Giro d'Italia 2017

Stage 10

After the start in Foligno, which will host the Giro for the 7th time, the route quickly leaves the old town centre and takes relatively wide and mainly straight roads for over 12 kilometres, until past Bevagna (time recording). The route then starts to climb at an average 4-5% gradient, and reaches Madonna delle Grazie, where the road becomes a false flat up. A fast-running and technical descent twists and turns all the way to San Marco, where the road flattens and straightens out. The route takes a U-turn in Bastardo (second time recording), then a false-flat uphill drag leads to Montefalco. The slopes are never steep, yet the climb is unrelenting. The road, narrowed at points, leads all the way to the walled city of Montefalco (unprecedented stage town). The final kilometres are slightly uphill. In the last kilometre, the route descends and passes through a gateway, and then goes up again, on a short, steep ramp, leading into the 200-m long, uphill home straight, on 6-m wide asphalt road.

stage preview