20 May 2017
131 km
Giro d'Italia 2017

Stage 14

This stage is very short and clearly divided into two parts: the route is fast-running and perfectly flat for 120 km, across the Po Valley; then comes an 11-km climb, with gradients over 7% and peaks topping out at 13% a few kilometres before the finish. Oropa will be this year's Montagna Pantani. After leaving Castellania (unprecedented stage town at the Giro), the route covers an 8 km transfer towards the actual start, then cuts across Vercelli and the surrounding plain. The final 11-km stretch, climbing all the way to the sanctuary (five times arrival and KOM), begins just past Biella. The final climb is 11-km long. The gradient is low in the first part, up to Favaro. The climb reaches its steepest gradient (around 13%) across the porphyry-paved center of Favaro, and then continues with several bends and a gradient around 9%, up to the 130-m long home stretch, on 6.5-m wide, porphyry-paved road.

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