21 May 2017
199 km
Giro d'Italia 2017

Stage 15

The stage starts in Valdengo as it did in 2014. The route covers 150 km on perfectly flat roads with the typical obstacles of all urban areas (i.e. roundabouts, traffic dividers, etc). Past Zogno, the route takes in two categorised climbs: Miragolo San Salvatore (unprecedented KOM) and Selvino, (here the last KOM was Tony Rominger in 1995). After Selvino, there is a long descent with a few hairpins in-between, then, a further 9 km lead to the upper city, and all the way to the finish line. Over the final kilometres, the route runs across the upper city (Bergamo Alta), climbing up to reach Porta Garibaldi and then Largo Aperto (covering 200 metres on pebble paving). In the first sector, gradients never fall below 10% (with a maximum of 12%). With 1,800 m to the finish, a sharp bend and a sector on narrowed roadway lead through Porta Sant’Agostino. The road takes a wide bend to the left after the flamme rouge, leading to the finish line. The home stretch (800 m long, on 7.5-m wide asphalt road) runs initially downwards and levels out afterwards.

stage preview