9 May 2017
181 km
Giro d'Italia 2017

Stage 4

The first summit finish awaits the peloton after a medium mountain stage. The route follows the mild undulations of the road for 55 km, and then tackles a long and steady climb up Portella Femmina Morta. A very long and manageable descent then leads to the feed zone and to the intermediate sprint in Bronte. The route hits the foot of Mount Etna and runs across a number of villages, heading towards the finish, all the way to Nicolosi, where the closing climb begins. The final part of the route runs through urban areas, on narrowed and often stone-paved roads. The final climb, on wide and tarmacked road, has an average gradient of approx. 6%, with no punchy bits. The road winds its way along wide hairpins for nearly 20 km. There is a mild counterslope with 500 m to go. The home stretch (200 m, 3% uphill grade) leads to the finish line, on 7-m wide asphalt road.

stage preview