10 May 2017
159 km
Giro d'Italia 2017

Stage 5

This is a half-wavy, half-flat, stage, with a closing circuit. The stage starts from Pedara, new stage town as far as the Giro is concerned. The first 40 km are fairly complex, as the route passes through several urban areas, with roundabouts, traffic dividers, pedestrian islands, setts paving and speed bumps being the main obstacles. Then comes an uphill stretch (Fornazzo KOM summit), followed by a fast-running and technical descent. The roadway narrows at points in Castiglione di Sicilia. Next, the route climbs up Taormina and descends to the feed zone along partly narrowed roads. Here the roadway becomes wider and mostly straight, leading to the final circuit in Messina (which already saw a final circuit in 1972).   The final 6.3-km circuit shall be covered once, on wide and straight avenues alternating with 90-degree bends. The route takes a U-turn with 1,500 m to go, then a long home straight (descending slightly in the first part) leads all the way to the finish. The home stretch is 1,500 m long, on 7.5-m wide, flat and asphalt road.

stage preview