11 May 2019
8 km
Giro d'Italia 2019

Stage 1

The ITT starts with 6 flat kilometres on broad, mostly straight urban boulevards, and ends with a steep 2 km climb to the Sanctuary of San Luca.
Final kilometres
The closing phases of the stage are very demanding: 2,100 metres before the finish, the route takes a sharp U-turn to the right, and the climb to San Luca begins. The climb alternates sharp ramps (up to 16%) and short lengths with 8-9% gradients. The roadway is narrowed and runs along an arcade, climbing all the way to the sanctuary. The road reaches the maximum gradient after the first pass under the cloister, by a double curve (“le Orfanelle”). The home straight is short (90 m), and the finish line sits on 5 m tarmac.

stage preview