25 May 2019
131 km
Giro d'Italia 2019

Stage 14

A short and very intense high mountain stage. The only flat stretch of the stage, 14 km out of 131, is around Aosta. Otherwise, the road goes either up or down. After the Verrayes categorised climb and after crossing Aosta, the route takes in consecutive climbs to Verrogne (15 km uphill and 15 km downhill), Combes (up to Truc d’Arbe, at the intersection to Arvier), Morgex (along panoramic roads) and Colle San Carlo. The route then drops sharply to La Thuile and Pré-Saint-Didier, where the old road eventually leads to Courmayeur.
Final kilometres
The final climb is 8 km long, sloping at 6% for the first 3 km, then at 2-3% for the next 5 kilometres, all the way to the finish. A narrow double bend to the right leads to the final kilometre. The home straight (after a mild turn) is 100 m long. The road surface is tarmacked and the roadway is 6 m wide.

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