26 May 2019
232 km
Giro d'Italia 2019

Stage 15

The route covers 160 km on perfectly flat roads, passing through densely populated areas, with roundabouts, traffic dividers, pedestrian islands, setts paving and speed bumps being the main obstacles typically found in almost all urban areas. After crossing Cantù and Erba, the route reaches Pusiano and Asso, descends into Onno, and runs lakeside all the way to Bellagio, to the foot of the Ghisallo climb. The route climbs in hairpins on broad roadway, with maximum 14% gradients, then drops fast on long straight roads, as far as to Maglio. Here, the road turns left onto the Colma di Sormano. Past the Colma, the route drops to Nesso (starting with a false flat, followed by a technical descent with hairpins and narrowed roadway) and runs along the lakeshore, heading into Como. After a harsh climb to Civiglio, with steady 10% gradients (and a marked road narrowing at the top of the climb), the route drops down, crosses Como again and reaches the finish.
Final kilometres
The last 3 km run along broad avenues in urban Como, all the way to the final kilometre, leading straight to the lake. The last bend is 300 m from the finish line. The finish line sits on 6 m wide tarmac.

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