22 May 2019
221 km
Giro d'Italia 2019

Stage 11

A pan-flat stage to the edge of the Po Valley. After Casteggio, the route follows the traditional itinerary of Milano-Sanremo, up to 3 km from the finish. Starting from Carpi, the route first heads towards Reggio Emilia. After crossing the town, it takes the ss. 9 “Via Emilia” all the way to Piacenza, following a straight course. Past Piacenza, the route takes the former Statale Padana Inferiore all the way to the finish, passing through several cities that have often been featured in the Giro route, and in the Milano-Sanremo finale.
Final kilometres
The last 3 km are virtually straight, with some roundabouts in-between that will require no major diversions. The last bend is 3,000 m from the finish line. The home straight is 2,800 m long, on 7.5 m wide asphalt road.

stage preview