23 May 2019
158 km
Giro d'Italia 2019

Stage 12

The stage is hilly and overall intense. After approx. 90 km, the route enters the city to take a first pass of the “muro” (or wall) of via Principi di Acaja, and to crest the first category-one GPM of the 2019 Giro. The race is new to this climb, which slopes at 9.4% for 8.9 km (with gradients exceeding 10% for over 6 km, and topping out at 14%). After a fast running descent, Pinerolo is 16 km away.
Final kilometres
2,500 m before the finish, the route takes a sharp left-hand turn and climbs up the narrow Via Principi d’Acaja (450 m with an average 14% gradient and peaks of 20%, on road pavers). Next is a steep and harsh descent leading into Pinerolo. The last 1,500 m are on level roads, with just a few bends and a short stretch on stone-slab paving. The finish line sits at the end of a 350 m long homestretch, on 8 m wide tarmac.

stage preview