14 May 2019
235 km
Giro d'Italia 2019

Stage 4

The stage is very long, although with no challenging climbs. The final part is rough, and the closing kilometres are uphill. After the first kilometres on the roads of Maremma, the route climbs up to Manciano, follows the mild undulations past the towns of Tuscania and Vetralla, and circles the conurbation of Rome. After the intermediate sprint in Mentana, the stage finish will take place on undulating, twisting roads (still around Rome).
Final kilometres
Last 5 km at first downhill with some turns on roundabouts. Following an undulating stretch that leads to the last 2.5 km uphill citizens with slopes around 4/5% on average and with peaks up to 7%. Last km entirely uphill with slope up to 4%. Final straight road in asphalt of 250m wide 6.5m.

stage preview