19 May 2019
34,8 km
Giro d'Italia 2019

Stage 9

A time trial of nearly 35 km, starting on a slight incline for 22 km, all the way to the final 12 km climb. After Faetano, the road rises at steeper (however, not forbidding) gradients, especially in the first part, with peaks around 10% and an average 6.5% slope as far as to Fiorentino. From here, false flat drags alternate with counter-sloping stretches. The gradients go back to approx. 6% in the last 2 km. The roads are broad and well surfaced throughout the stage. The route covers the first 450 m on the seafront cycle path, on narrowed and bending roadway.
Final kilometres
After a brief descent, the last 2.5 km point uphill, with gradients reaching 10% over short stretches. The finish line (5 m in width) sits on a 300 m long tarmacked home straight (slightly downhill over the last 50 m).

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